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Find Electric Forklifts in Tennessee

A variety of capacities between 1,000 and 22,000 lbs.

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Electric forklifts have historically been built with lead-acid batteries. In recent years, the technology has been moving towards using lithium-ion batteries and will continue to move in that direction.

TitanMH still sells used and offers maintenance on your lead-acid battery-powered forklifts, but customers are continually moving towards lithium-ion electric options.

  1. Longer battery life: Lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries. This means they need to be replaced less frequently, reducing maintenance costs.
  2. Faster charging times: Lithium-ion batteries can be charged much more quickly than lead-acid batteries, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  3. Improved energy efficiency: Lithium-ion batteries are more energy-efficient than lead-acid batteries, which means that they can operate for longer periods of time on a single charge.
  4. Reduced environmental impact: Lithium-ion batteries are less harmful to the environment than lead-acid batteries, as they do not contain toxic chemicals.
  5. Quieter operation: They produce less noise than their internal combustion engine counterparts, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas.

Electric Forklift FAQ

Lithium-ion is the newest technology.

The most significant pain point customers have with lead-acid batteries is that they produce gas, so facilities need a designated area for ventilation and maintenance. The key reason you switch to lithium-ion is that there is no maintenance and no odor/emissions. This means that charging stations can exist anywhere in a facility without a special/designated area, which people love.

They can handle a wide range of capacities from 1,000 to 22,000 pounds, depending on their size and specifications.

  • Small electric forklifts (like pallet jacks and hand trucks) are often used for moving materials around a warehouse or loading/unloading small trucks.
  • Large electric forklifts (10,000+ lbs) can be used in heavy-duty applications such as shipping ports, construction sites, and moving large containers or heavy building materials.

Yes. Electric forklifts can be used outdoors and in wet conditions. You can run them in the rain. It’s important to consider the weather conditions, battery performance, and application of any forklift before buying.

Yes. We rent electric (lead-acid or lithium-ion) battery-operated forklifts for all different makes and models, including pallet jacks, reach trucks, stackers, tuggers, dock stockers, order pickers, and sit-down. Visit the rental department for more information.

Electric forklifts are listed in Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

  • Class I – electric motor rider trucks
  • Class II – electric motor narrow aisle trucks
  • Class III – electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks

It often depends on 1) the environment in which you’re using the forklift and 2) the capacity your actively working with.

  • Cushion tires – made of solid rubber molded to a steel band. The rubber can either be traction or smooth. These tires are very durable and are best suited for indoor or light outdoor use on smooth surfaces.
  • Pneumatic tires – built especially solid, which significantly reduces the risk of puncture while on the job.

Electric forklifts can be equipped with both options: cushion or pneumatic tire. Cushion is common in indoors/smooth-surface environments. If you’re outside more often, consider pneumatic tires for your forklift.

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New HELI Electric Forklifts

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HELI offers a complete line of commercial-grade, indoor, and outdoor electric forklifts with lifting capacities up to 15,000 lbs. Depending on your application, there are various pneumatic, cushion, and solid tire options. The product line also includes a variety of four-wheel, three-wheel, and stand-up counterbalance models. Learn more >>

HELI’s Li-ion tractor models include both driver (sit down) and driver (stand-on) options with rated tow capacities up to 15,000 lbs. They are becoming increasingly popular in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings where speed, flexibility, and reduced downtime are essential. Learn more >>

Battery powered pallet jacks are an efficient and safe way to move heavy loads in a variety of industrial settings. They offer many benefits over manual pallet jacks, including improved productivity, reduced physical strain, and increased safety. Learn more >>

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Used & Rental Electric Forklifts

TitanMH will sell used, rent, and repair/service most makes and models of electric forklifts.

We broker for many of the nation’s leading brands like HELI, Signoboom, JLG, Genie, and Drexel – to name a few! TitanMH offers reputable, industry-leading brands and well-maintained equipment. We work with a variety of commercial and industrial companies around Tennessee to help support material handling needs. If you’re working indoors, in smooth-surface applications, then lithium-ion battery-operated forklifts are the right solution.

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To name only a few. 

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