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Visit Titan Material Handling in Tennessee and find the complete line of HELI Li-ion tractors. They include a variety of all-electric lithium battery and internal combustion options from 4,400 lb. to 15,400 lb. capacities.

The G and G2 series are new, environmentally friendly tractors with low noise, low pollution, large traction, and simple operation vehicles. Multiple self-protection and automatic fault diagnosis and display functions mean drivers can operate without extensive or special training.

Move towards zero emissions with HELI commercial-grade lithium-ion battery-powered tow tractors.

Find and download the latest catalog for the entire product line.

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Lithium-ion & Internal Combustion Tow Tractors

  • Li-ion models have zero emissions, low noise, no corrosion, and are free of heavy metals
  • Flexible to charge, easy to operate, and has minimal impact on battery life
  • High-energy density, a self-discharging rate lower than 1% per month
  • Over 75% capacity reserved after 4000 shifts of operation
  • Batteries last 3-4 times the life to that of lead-acid batteries
  • 1-2 hours of fast charging for 6-8 hours of continuous work
  • Reduce running costs (no gas or fuel storage) with battery models
  • iBMS – intelligent battery management system provides real-time monitoring on li-ion cells
  • Different model options with four-wheel drive, front-wheel steering, and rear-wheel drive
  • Ergonomically designs allow easy operation of all controls and pedals to reduce operator fatigue
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G & G2-Series Li-ion Tractors

Models & Resources

HELI Li-ion Tractors

heli li-ion tractors models QYD20 30 40 50 60 70S titan material handling tennessee
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Driver models
  • 4,400-15,400 lb. rated tow capacities
  • 1,250-2,420 lb. total approx. weights
  • Cushion tires
  • 5-8.8 mph travel speeds
heli li-ion tractors models QYD30 45S titan material handling tennessee
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Stand-on driver models
  • 6,600-9,900 lb. rated tow capacities
  • 1,830 lb. total approx. weight
  • Solid tires
  • 3.8-5 mph travel speeds
heli li-ion tractors models QYQD20 25-KUG titan material handling tennessee
  • Internal combustion tow tractor
  • Driver models
  • 20,000-25,000 lb. rated tow capacities
  • 7,040-8,140 lb. total approx. weights
  • Cushion tires
  • 12.5-15.6 mph travel speeds