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Large-Capacity Lifts in Tennessee

A variety of capacities between 15,000 and 40,000 lbs.

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Serving Greater Nashville, Chattanooga, Cookeville, Clarksville, Dickson, and all Middle Tennessee Counties.

These heavy-duty machines provide a certain mechanical muscle needed for specialized operations like rigging, machinery moving, and press setting. Due to the nature of the project, companies don’t typically buy this equipment. While you can buy if it suits you, typically, large-capacity equipment is rented to perform a specific task.

  1. Rigging: Use heavy-duty equipment to lift and move heavy loads that your typical forklift can’t handle. For example, the Landoll PT40 (40,000-pound capacity) is ideal for rigging heavy items. The rigging process involves slings, chains, hoists, and other means to hold and maneuver loads.
  2. Machinery Moving: Displacing heavy machinery from one location to another, often within the same facility or site. Large-capacity equipment, such as telehandlers and heavy-duty forklifts, is often utilized for this purpose due to the ability to safely move heavy machinery without causing damage.
  3. Press Setting: Positioning and installing industrial presses, which can weigh several tons. Heavy-duty equipment is used to lift, move, and precisely position the press.
  4. Presses and Dyes: These machines apply pressure to shape or form materials. High-capacity equipment like forklifts and telehandlers may be used to handle and transport them within a facility.
  5. Retooling: Changing or modifying the tools and equipment in a manufacturing facility, often to improve efficiency or accommodate new products. Retooling can involve moving or replacing large pieces of equipment, tasks that often require the use of large-capacity equipment like forklifts and telehandlers.
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Large-Capacity Lifts FAQ

They can handle a wide range of capacities from 15,000 and 40,000 pounds (20 ton), depending on their size and specifications.

Yes. We rent large-capacity forklifts and telehandlers. All your typical inclusions apply when renting heavy equipment. Visit the rental department for more information.

Cushion tire and pneumatic tire lifts are available. Large-capacity forklifts have different tires depending on the application and project. We’re happy to help determine what machine and tire combination works best for your project.

Rent Large Capacity Equipment at TitanMH

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This versatile heavy machinery is well-known for its robust design and high load capacity. It’s perfect for loading and transporting large equipment. It boasts unique features such as a low deck height, tilting deck, superior maneuverability, precision controls, and durability, making it a trusted choice in construction sites, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

We invite you to visit Landoll’s product page to learn more about the PT40 Precision Telehandler >>

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Another powerful diesel forklift that will lift up to 22,000 pounds and features pneumatic tires. Part of the G-Series HELI diesel forklifts, this is another great option to rent for short-term or quick projects like rigging, press setting, and retooling.

Learn more about this model and other diesel forklifts >>

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